Houston Tractor Trailer Accident Lawyers: Safety Equipment

Override and underride accidents are serious, and often fatal, types of car-truck accidents that are caused by a lack of important safety equipment.

Override accidents happen when a truck runs over a car in front of it. Underride accidents occur when a car drives under an 18-wheeler, or other large truck. They account for up to half the fatalities that occur in truck accidents. Underride accidents can happen on the side, rear, or front of the truck.

Underride guards and other safety equipment can help reduce injuries and fatalities to other drivers. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) mandates that all trailers with a gross vehicle weight of 10,000 pounds or greater made since January 1998 be equipped with a rear underride guard.

NHTSA also requires that trucks and trailers meet standards for lighting and reflective markings. Failure to meet these standards can lead to underride accidents, particularly when a semi tractor trailer crosses a highway at night. Without these markings and lights, the trailer is invisible to oncoming traffic until it is too late.

How We Can Help

The attorneys of Daly Law Firm will find out whether the truck that injured you was equipped with all appropriate safety equipment, and whether all appropriate safety precautions were taken. We will look for:

  • Lack of underride protection
  • Lack of safety lighting
  • Lack of reflective markings
  • Improper loading
  • Failure to comply with weight restrictions
  • Failure to properly secure the load

When necessary, we will retain an accident reconstructionist who will study how the accident occurred, and whether lack of proper safety equipment or failure to take safety measures caused or contributed to the accident.

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